Monday, April 30, 2018

Once, twice, three times a rover

Curiosity remains on Mars.

  • Remember: Even if you miss your high fives, you can still land spacecraft on another planet. Dare mighty things! Looking back at mission control the night I touched down on Mars.

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    Extra! Extra! The New Mars Report is here: 🔴 readies for launch 🔴 Opportunity uses abrasion tool for 1st time in 300 sols 🔴 celebrates 2,000 Martian days on the Red Planet 👉Visit for more
  • Once, twice, three times a rover… I’ve been on the Red Planet for three Martian years. That’s 3x longer than my mission was designed to last. Keep up with my team through our blog:
  • Looks like we made it: 2,000 sols on Mars, you guys! I’m looking back on 2,000 Martian days of exploration, and literally looking forward to climbing higher in those to come. The area ahead contains clays I’m eager to investigate:

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