Wednesday, February 28, 2018

If Alyssa Milano got a taste of her own medicine . . .

Former child performer and aging starlet Alyssa Milano has declared war on the NRA and, as part of that war, she's leading a campaign to get AMAZON to remove the NRA channel as a streaming option.

Grasp that.

  1. Hi, ! Pro-gun-regulation advocates are cancelling Prime & boycotting while members are pledging loyalty to you for being PRO NRA. Do you want to be known as a Pro-NRA company!? Because If you don’t cancel NRA TV, that’s exactly what you run the risk of becoming.

She's endorsing censorship and doing so because she doesn't agree with an organization's view.

That's appalling.

What would happen if NRA supporters did the same to Alyssa?

She tried to do a pilot for THE CW but they felt she looked "way too old" (direct quote) for their core audiences (tween to 20s) and they passed.

However, NETFLIX has picked up the program: INSATIABLE.

Should the NRA decide to make her as toxic as she's made them, she could be in a lot of trouble.

INSATIABLE's problems include its producer Ryan Seacrest.  (Suzie Hardy tells her story here.)

Remember, #MeToo only matters to Alyssa when she can get publicity from it.  She has no problem working with a man accused of harassment -- but then she explained away the same sort of behavior on the set of CHARMED as well, didn't she?

Alyssa doesn't figure she can win an argument on merits (she probably can't, she's not very smart) so she instead insists that free speech be terminated.

If her opponents acted the same way, she might have to actually work and not just struggle into those carefully pinned outfits to pretend she's lost weight when she does her Atkins commercials.

See also Stan's "Alyssa Milano does realize that CHARMED wasn't a law school, right?"

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