Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A bad day to be Sami Sharbek

Short story: Sami Sharbek lies, Sami Sharbek gets caught

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More blatant lies from the Syria regime change crew. Neither of these photos is Syria. The first is Gaza; the second is Iraq. This fake propaganda has more than 100,000 retweets. Shameless lying to push the Syrian opposition's agenda — what's new?

Situation in Syria could be much worse, the photos makes one cry and these two photos although are genuine though but not from Syria, recent attacks. The left one, Blast is from Gaza, Year 2015 or before and the Right one, Man running with kid in arms is from Mosul, Iraq.

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no this is gaza in 2014 and iraq in 2011, both photos result from white supremacy and imperialism funded by the US. stop doing the work of the CIA

  1. This image widely portrayed as a man fleeing with his daughter in Syria is actually from Mosul when he was fleeing an Islamic State-controlled part of Mosul towards Iraqi special forces soldiers during a battle in Mosul, Iraq on

This is not a movie. This is NOT This is NOT On the left is bombed by Israel. On the right is And he is a lier 👇 👇

Reminder that 100,000 people will retweet a bare-faced lie if it's "humanitarian" enough. The first picture is from Gaza, and the second is from Iraq.

100 thousand people retweeted this post claiming images of US-backed israeli bombing of Gaza, and aftermath of US bombing in Iraq are images from Syria.

: When you take photos from Gaza and Iraq and try to pass them off as scenes out of Syria’s Eastern Ghouta.

Pictures from Iraq and Gaza are being portrayed as as part of a Propaganda campaign. Liars such as claim "this is Syria" gets 90K RTs mostly bots.

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