Monday, December 11, 2017

What NEWSBUSTERS missed . . .

NEWSBUSTERS is a media watchdog, they are conservative.  Try reading NEWSBUSTERS, the conservative media watchdog and you'll understand why we used a comma and the wording in the first sentence.

We're on the left.

We applaud all attempts to hold the media accountable.

And NEWSBUSTERS has a lot to offer -- we're noting one example this edition.

But they missed out big time last week.

Corinne Weaver's "Tom Hanks: Calling CNN 'Fake News' is 'Monkeying Around With Constitution'" went up last week.  They took CNN employee David Axelrod to task for asking leading questions of Tom Hanks about CNN -- questions intended to result in praise from Hanks for  CNN -- the new network that feels (a) it's under attack from US President Donald Trump and (b) this attack is the most important 'news' story which must constantly be covered.

What did they miss?

If their critique was based on the host having a CNN show?

What about the guest?

The guest does business repeatedly with CNN -- or did NEWSBUSTERS never catch those embarrassing 'news' mini-series Tom Hanks churns out for CNN?

For example, in June of 2014, Ava and C.I. analyzed Tom Hanks' THE SIXTIES in "TV: The documentary that fails."

Tom and his 'history' are as fake as the worst misreported story on CNN.

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