Monday, December 11, 2017

Last Chance to Take Action to Save the Internet





If you’re reading this email, it’s safe to assume that you to rely on a free and open internet to engage in political expression and seek out information.
Yet, as we type this, that free and open internet is under attack. Grassroots pressure from activists like you forced the FCC to adopt historic net neutrality rules in 2015. But the FCC, under corporate influence, is posed to repeal these provisions on December 14.
Net neutrality is what prevents the dwindling number of mega corporations that provide access to the internet--the Comcasts, Verizions, and AT&Ts of the world-- from speeding up, slowing down, or blocking any content, applications, or websites you want to use. Without net neutrality, these corporations could impede your ability to visit certain websites--either because they don’t like the content or because they’ve created a new pay-to-play internet.
It was popular mobilization that made the FCC adopt Net Neutrality in the first place, so popular mobilization can defeat the corporate backed-assault on our free internet. If the FCC does vote against a free and open internet, we'll need Congress to take action. Send an email to your members of Congress now.
Chip Gibbons
Policy & Legislative Counsel 

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