Monday, December 25, 2017

Most embarrassing actor of 2017

No, , we need to *correct* the rape culture...

Matt Damon.

Flops seem to define his career.

But we especially scratch our heads with regards to DOWNSIZING.

Exactly who thought Matt Damon was the one for this intended comedy?

Reese Witherspoon was attached to the project for years.

She split when Matt signed on.

She split not because she couldn't stand Matt Damon but because suddenly the script began changing.

She was a lead in the project.

Now her character was a glorified bit part.

Who, having Reese and Matt to make a film with, decides the one to lose is Reese?

Not only has Witherspoon won an Academy Award for acting (Matt never has) but Reese has also demonstrated she can do comedy (most famously with LEGALLY BLONDE).

It was a comedy and you decide to lose Reese (Kristen Wiig took the small, bit part) and stick with Matt?

In the last decade, all the laughs Matt has provided were unintended.

Now you're going to spend 60 million dollars filming an alleged comedy with Matt Damon in the lead?

To no one's surprise, the film bombed.

Matt isn't funny.

And while it might be interesting, for example, to see Channing Tatum shrunken down -- Tatum being 6'1" -- Matt already looks small.

His presence is also tiny.

Maybe it's time for Matt to line up a NCIS franchise on TV and stop trying to pretend he's a film star?

He gives the same wooden performance in DOWNSIZING that's he's provided as Jason Borne and, really, that he's provided in every film he's done thus far.

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