Monday, December 25, 2017

Most embarrassing actress of 2017

Julianne Moore Instagram Update


Julianne Moore can act.

But you'd never know that by watching KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE>

Samuel L. Jackson played the big bad in the original.  He was both menacing and funny.  He developed a lisp for the character and added other unique touches.


Did she think she was slumming?

It was her performances that made her stand out early on -- HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE, SHORT CUTS, etc.

And there was every reason to hope that she'd rock the film as the villain.

Instead, she gave a performance that seemed like an actress trying to be Julianne Moore.

There were no character quirks.

There was no different voice.

Did she not realize what film she was in?

If you're playing the villain in a film like this, you need to have fun with the part.

Samuel L. Jackson got it.

In the sequel, Halle Berry's playing a character who is support staff.  But she doesn't breeze through the role.  She creates a nerdy-ish and endearing character.

One wonders how different the film might have been if Halle had played Julianne's role and Julianne had played Halle's?

We strongly urge studios to consider casting Halle next go round as the villain.

And we beg Julianne Moore to find some passion for acting before she steps back in front of the cameras again.

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