Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Trump dies in office


Donald Trump makes the elite and the effete explode.


We're not as spastic in our response.

That's for a number of reasons.

First, it was obvious that Donald Trump (the candidate) was connecting with voters while Hillary Clinton was not.

Realizing that, the outcome of 2016's presidential election didn't shock us.

Second, we grew tired of the media outrage early on.

By the time the press was insisting Trump said he grabbed women by the p**sy, we just didn't give a damn.

Yet again, the press was lying.

Donald didn't say that.

He said that when you were a celebrity, you could get a way with anything.  He offered that as an example.

This led to the media distortion that has yet to go away.

(Credit to Dave Chappelle for being one of the few to challenge the media lie in real time.)

What does worry us?

Kathy Griffin, Johnny Depp, et al.

The hatred.

The calls for death.

The flirts with assassination.

They can all say whatever they want, they have that right and freedom.

But in that climate, anything can happen.

What if Donald Trump is killed in office?

For eight years, that was our big fear with regards to Barack Obama.

Barack turned out to be the War Hawk we warned you about.

And our greatest fear became him dying in office because of the hagiography that would result.

He made it out of office, thankfully, alive.

But what happens if Donald Trump dies in office -- especially if he's killed in office?

A lot of people should think about this.

In fact, the media should specifically think about this.

There's no denying the media has broken the rules with regards to coverage of Donald.

They have not played fair, they have not held others to the same standards.

We didn't vote for Donald.  If he runs again in 2020, we doubt we'll vote for him then.  We are not his fans.

But we're also not dishonest.

Which is why we can be can be appalled by the coverage he's received.

If we can feel that way, what do you think his supporters feel?

If Donald dies in office, there's a damn good chance that he will be seen as the voice of the people and the victim of the establishment.

People need to grasp that, the media especially.

The climate they are contributing to isn't just dangerous for Donald Trump, it's dangerous for them.

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