Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Jim's World


Let's not kid, the press blackmails and bullies.

A video became popular after President Donald Trump Tweeted it.

CNN didn't like the video, harassed the creator, threatened him with public shame until they got an apology and then insisted, "CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change."

Please note, they've never gone after the government for the lies of the Iraq War.

They never held Barack Obama accountable in eight years, but they will blackmail and shame an individual.

They're pieces of s**t, nothing more and nothing less.

Chuck Todd pretends that he's impartial and laments that he has to be this week.

NPR's embarrassing David Folkenflik insisted they were just trying to do their job but, as Folkenflik's demonstrated in the last years at NPR, he views his job as running with a tribe, not being a reporter or impartial.

They're liars and they're whores.

They have nothing to point to because they've accomplished nothing other than being paid money that they've never earned.

At the end of every damn day, they've accomplished nothing but self-stroking.

Currently, whores like Todd and Folkenflik insist it's a threat to democracy that someone slams the press.

No, what passes for the press in this country is the real threat to democracy.

The next time Todd and Folkenflik spend time on air whining about themselves and how hard they've got it, grasp that neither has done a report on poverty in America nor will they.

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