Sunday, July 30, 2017

MSNBC's new Don Imus

Don Imus was fired from MSNBC.

When will Joy Reid be fired?

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    I am a Navy vet, former intel. She leaked video of war crimes so heinous I shudder to remember. Maybe you don't want to remember either.
  2. joy reid thinks chelsea manning uncovered war crimes because she was having a trans hissy fit
  3. Joy Reid is truly vile. Chelsea is a hero, not "acting out"

Joy Reid made transphobic comments repeatedly on Twitter last week.

  1. Yes, you read that right. Joy Reid was pleased that Chelsea Manning was tortured.

  2. MSNBC’s Joy Reid destroyed on Twitter for what she said about transgender Chelsea Manning

  1. Amazing but not surprising that Joy Reid would use the "trans ban" as an excuse to criticize Chelsea Manning
  2. Joy Reid has tweet some dumb shit in the past, but these tweets on Chelsea Manning is taking way to far.
  3. Joy Reid's tweets last night about Chelsea Manning were... bizarre. I don't know why I'm just now remembering this.

  1. Chelsea Manning is a hero and Joy Reid is a mouthpiece for authority
  2. joy reid is incapable of even pretending she doesn't hate chelsea manning
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    Isn't there a quote from Joy Reid being just utterly miserable about Chelsea Manning also?
  4. Hi, joy Reid thinks Chelsea manning should be in solitary confinement right now. Take your generation analysis and shove it
  5. Joy Reid is the same person that was celebrating Chelsea Manning being tortured in prison. Like?
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    I know Joy Reid from when my trans lady leftist friend recalled how she rejoiced at Chelsea Manning's torture in prison.
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    That's Joy Reid in a nutshell: wanting Chelsea Manning to suffer for good tweets. :)
  8. I'd ask Chelsea Manning how does she feel about Joy Reid publicly advocating for her torture. Feminism!
  9. Just a reminder that Dems like Joy Reid, who reveled in the months-long torture of Chelsea Manning, have no credibility RE: .
  10. Joy Reid lied about Chelsea Manning, in a concerted smear campaign

MSNBC fired Don Imus for racist comments and Michael Savage for homophobic comments.

It's time Joy was fired for her transphobic comments.

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