Sunday, July 30, 2017

Editorial: Does anyone pay for the Iraq War in the US?

It's a question worth asking especially considering the recent appointment of Robert Mueller.

Will Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller fabricate the results of his investigation like he did with Iraq?

So Robert Mueller who helped Bush spread the "Iraq has WMDs" lie is somehow supposed to be trusted to lead the Russia investigation? Okay. 🙄

Does anyone pay for the illegal Iraq War?

It clearly cost Hillary the presidency in 2016 -- but even so she still ended up the Democratic Party's nominee.

But John McCain's ill health has everyone bending over backwards to pretend like he's a saint and last week Debra Messing and other Twits on Twitter presented Joe Biden as the man with a son who had served in Iraq -- neglecting to note that Joe had supported the Iraq War.

And of course we have the disgusting Ani DiFranco.  Not all that long ago, she was trying to host a 'retreat' for women on a plantation that celebrates slavery.

You thought she couldn't get any lower?

Her latest half-assed album contains a song of butterfly kisses to Barack.

You know, Barack, right?

Obama-Hillary-McCain concensus was work with Saudi-Israel-Turkey-Qatar to support al Qaeda in Iraq in Syria vs Assad - Hillary's "bank shot"

Yeah, that Barack.

The one who promised he'd get America out of the Iraq War -- but didn't.

The one who illegally spied, the one who . . .

Oh, Ani DiFranco, just go away.

You're an idiot and a War Whore who was rightly called out for racism.

Just go the f**k away.

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