Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Editorial: Where's the reconciliation?

Iraq: Forces have surrounded ISIS in Mosul's Old City, leaving ISIS in control of only 10% of western half of city.

209 days of The Mosul Slog and counting.

When will it end?

More importantly, what then?

The Islamic State took hold in Iraq due to the persecution of the Sunnis.

When is that addressed?

Because it was supposed to have been addressed in 2007.

That's when Bully Boy Bush came up with his 'benchmarks' for success.

And the Iraqi government was supposed to meet those benchmarks in order continue to have the support -- money and military -- of the United States.

Ten years ago and they've still not moved towards political reconciliation.

The US government?

It looked the other way under Bully Boy Bush, it looked the other way under Barack Obama and it's looking the other way under Donald Trump.

Either national reconciliation takes place or every few years there's another ISIS -- maybe with a different name, maybe not.

The answer is reconciliation.

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