Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Corrine goes down

Do you know about Corrine Brown?


As the US Justice Dept. noted last Thursday, "Former U.S. Congresswoman Corrine Brown was convicted by a federal jury in Jacksonville, Florida, today for her role in a conspiracy and fraud scheme involving a fraudulent scholarship charity."

Sweet justice.

Corrine Brown was a crook.

She served 12 terms in Congress and she was a crook.

She wore bad wigs and she was a crook.

She couldn't navigate the English language and she was a crook.

Acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Blanco declared, "Former Congresswoman Corrine Brown violated the public trust, the honor of her position, and the integrity of the American system of government when she abused one of the most powerful positions in the nation for her own personal gain. She shamefully deprived needy children of hundreds of thousands of dollars that could have helped with their education and improved their opportunities for advancement, and she lied to the IRS and the American public about secret cash deposits into her personal bank accounts.  The Department of Justice is committed to fighting corruption and fraud wherever we find it, at all levels of government, regardless of their power and influence."

In February of 2014, filling in at Trina's site, Ava noted:

The 67-year-old woman showed up Wednesday night at the House Veterans Affairs Committee hearing both to defend the VA and to show off her latest wig.

This one appeared to be a homage to Della Reese's pioneering dual wig wearing on Touched By An Angel with one short wig appearing to piggy back on a long one.

Brown's bangs were off and the wig tilted to the right.

When she opened her mouth did she decry the veterans made to wait weeks and months for treatment?  Did she note Barry Coates?

No and God no!

Barry Coates is the veteran who testified before the House Veterans Affairs Committee last month.  He went for medical attention because he had symptoms -- including bleeding -- that should have raised flags.  He waited and waited and waited for medical attention.  And, in a year, what was early stage cancer had progressed to stage-four cancer.

When Coates shared that story -- pay attention stupid idiots of Women's Media Center (they stupidly said that noting Brown's wigs was sexism -- no, it's noting cheap and ugly wigs that need to be washed) -- Brown felt it was her role to insist that he needed to stop being so gloomy, stage-four colon cancer isn't so bad, cheer up!

Corinne Brown is a cheap little whore.

She is that.


Gloria CIA Steinem, no words on Corrine's conviction?

Done whoring for her, are you?

NPR reported last week:

Former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown has been found guilty of siphoning hundreds of thousands of dollars from a charity that she and her chief of staff had passed off as a scholarship service for students. The Florida Democrat had faced 22 counts ranging from conspiracy to tax fraud; she was convicted of 18.

Of the more than $800,000 she and Elias "Ronnie" Simmons raised for One Door for Education, member station WJCT reports that just $1,200 actually went where they told donors it would: students' education. In roughly five years, prosecutors say, the charity distributed just two scholarships.

That's Corrine Brown.

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