Monday, February 20, 2017

NBC has a hateful bitch problem on their hands

And it's name is Debra Messing.

The failed film actress has now flopped in two TV shows (SMASH and THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA).

Still NBC is putting hope on a limited return of WILL & GRACE which they are hoping to use as a springboard for a new sitcom from the same creators.

But who want's to watch a hateful bitch named Debra Messing?

If Donald Trump needs to leave Twitter (we believe he would be smart to do so), he's far from alone.

Twitter has turned so many into hate merchants -- including Debra Messing.

In the last 12 months, she has used Twitter to attack independents, to attack Democrats who supported Bernie Sanders, to attack Republicans, to attack Greens, to attack Libertarians.

A TV show, to be successful, needs viewers.  On network TV, it needs to bring in advertising dollars.

As Debra's bitchy Twitter antics alienate more and more potential viewers, NBC has a hateful bitch problem on their hands.

She's just such a bitch.

Why would anyone be delighted by this? Do Democrats think that they will win another election without the people who Sarandon represents?


Why would anyone be delighted by this?

WILL & GRACE had a YOUTUBE moment in 2016.

It was proof positive that Debra and the gang were woefully out of touch.

In the video, Debra's Grace and limpid Eric McCormack's Will were for Hillary Clinton.

This meant something why?

These are the two idiots who tried to launch an oppression Olympics over who to vote for -- and it had nothing to do with issues, but everything to do with their own personal hysteria.

Then there's Jack who, in the recent YOUTUBE video, was influenced by a celebrity.

He decided who to vote on based upon a celebrity.

He rightly came off as an idiot in the video.

A fool who made his decision on voting based upon who a singer was supporting.

The makers of the video never grasped that they were indicting themselves.

And then there's Karen.

If anyone inspired "I wish I were . . ." from viewers of the show, it was Karen Walker.

In the video, Karen is for Donald Trump with no apologies.

Did they fail to remember that Karen upstaged every other character on the show?

Apparently so.

And now they fail to grasp that 20TH CENTURY FOX FILMS execs blame Megan Mullally's  political tirades on talks shows (against Trump) for the failure of WHY HIM? and how the film didn't even make 60 million in ticket sales in the US despite expectations that this would be a Christmas release that crossed the hundred million mark.  In the end, the film didn't even make $60 million domestically.  It bombed.  And the enthusiasm for the movie began to fade as Megan made the talk show rounds and couldn't shut up about her sour grapes over the election.

It's really hilarious when you think of what the four actors  of WILL & GRACE would say if asked: We have a right to political speech.

It's not political.

It's partisan.

Try to remember that WILL & GRACE was a top forty hit show from the end of the 90s throughout much of the '00s.

Which of these political celebrities spoke out against the Iraq War?

Not one damn one of them.

When bravery was required, they were all cowards.

Now the bitch named Debra attacks Susan Sarandon.

Remember 2003?

Yeah, Susan spoke out against the war unlike the cowardly bitch Debra Messing.

NBC has a hateful bitch problem on their hands.

They better address it.

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