Monday, February 20, 2017

Editorial: Is there really so little news on Iraq?

The western media is hideous.

But we're usually able to count on the non-western media for some Iraq coverage.

Then along comes repackaged old news like this.



The over-reported story has no new angle.

Even worse?

Check out the headline.

It's about Iraqis being upset.

And look at the photo.

Wondering, are you, why Iraqis are holding a sign in English and not Arabic?

The caption 'forgets' to inform you that (a) this is actually a photo from last month and (b) it was taken in San Francisco.

Iraqi troops (which include the Shi'ite militias -- you can thank Prime Minister Hayder al-Abadi) are terrorizing Iraqi citizens, the people of western Mosul are starving, the UN has sided with Iraqi protesters on the need for reform to the Independent High Electoral Commission and this is what ALJAZEERA is (re)covering?

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