Monday, December 26, 2016

George Michael (1963 - 2016)

George Michael (1963 - 2016)

"I still believe that music is one of the greatest gifts that God gave to man." - George Michael, 1963 - 2016

PHOTOS: Some of pop legend George Michael's performances over the years. The singer died at age 53.

Icon George Michael has sadly died at the age of 53. His career was filled with hits that transcended generations:

George Michael appeared on our cover in 1988, after the release of 'Faith.' Read the story in full

absolutely devastated about george michael. what a f[**]ked up way to end this year. rest in peace my friend....

  1. You know that I could turn my back on the pain, it's just that something called pleasure keeps calling my name.

Listen to 6 of the best George Michael remixes

George Michael had recorded duets with legends like Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Luciano Pavarotti and Elton John


George Michael's Top 20 Biggest Billboard Hits

  1. 'I have lost a beloved friend' - Elton John, Brian May, Andrew Ridgeley pay tribute to George Michael

  1. Keanu was an expression of the love I have for George Michael and his music. I'm happy he got to see the movie, and I hope he's found peace.

Another beautiful talent taken away. Rest in power . 2016 is just brutal. 😢

In 2011, George Michael took us inside the making of his solo debut, 'Faith'

Sad to hear the news about George Michael , and so many great singers and songwriters we lost this year.

  1. A look back at George Michael's stellar performances
  2. So sad to hear of George Michael passing. Beautiful inside and out. Thank you for the music ❤️
  3. George Michael's Wham! bandmate Andrew Ridgeley on singer's death: "Heartbroken at the loss of my beloved friend"

This for all you people saying "stop dragging George Michael's sexuality into it", enjoy!

Had the pleasure of knowing George Michael in the 80s. Voice of an angel. Now he can sing for them.

  • God bless George Michael peace and love to all his friends and family 😎✌️🌟💖

    1. A beautiful Christmas with my boys but so saddened by the passing of George Michael -and extraordinary talent - So missed RIP X

    Rest in Peace, George Michael ❤️❤️

    "The kindest, most generous soul and a brilliant artist." The world mourns George Michael: 38432805

    1. Last Christmas, he gave us his heart... 💔 A look back at George Michael's life:
    2. George Michael was busy putting the finishing touches to his documentary film ‘Freedom’. The film will now air in March 2017.

    The full obituary for George Michael, the pop music superstar who died at 53

    George Michael's 20 biggest hits

    In 1986, George Michael sat down with David Fricke to discuss his new solo career

    1. George Michael British pop star and one half of famed duo Wham! died at 53 years old
    2. RIP George Michael. Gone too soon.

    George Michael dead at 53

    1. what kind of brilliant, broken genius writes a song like this at 26
    2. George Michael? Stop it, 2016.
    3. RIP - Duran Duran, Gary Numan and more lead tributes to the icon George Michael
    4. It better not be true bout George Michael

    1. I'm very sad about the news of my good friend George Michael. God bless you and may you rest in peace.
    2. George Michael Read:

    1. Remembering 3-time winner, George Michael. Rest in Peace. ❤️
    2. Carrie Underwood on George Michael: "His voice helped teach me to sing"

    1. Here's how George Michael impacted my life...
    2. Everything I know about singing I learned from listening to George Michael's perfect voice. My absolute favorite. RIP sweet man.
    4. George Michael was born in 1963, son of a Greek Cypriot restaurateur and an English dancer
    5. George Michael, iconic pop singer known for provocative lyrics, off-stage scandals, dies at 53

    1. Watch George Michael discuss the break-up of Wham! on TODAY in 1987
      George Michael on TODAY in 1987

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