Monday, December 26, 2016

Editorial: Iraq matters beyond Iraq

Ten years ago coopted the US peace movement to.serve . did this:

John Stauber's referring to the 2006 mid-term elections.

And the refusal to stand up to this nonsense, to call it out, explains why the Iraq War continues.

The failure to fight to end the Iraq War doesn't just mean that it continues, it also means that all the other illegal behavior of Bully Boy Bush was normalized by Barack Obama.

As president, candidate Barack Obama promised, he would end the war.

He didn't.

He continued it.

He continued the Afghanistan War.

He went to war on Syria.

He went to war on Africa.

He went to war on the Constitution with his illegal spying, his attacks on whistle-blowers, his efforts to prosecute the press . . .

All of this because the left wouldn't stand up against Barack.

They betrayed the Iraqi people.

Just as bad, they betrayed themselves.

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