Monday, November 07, 2016

Whiny ass Gloria Steinem


Last month, the woman who slept with Henry Kissinger felt the need to whine publicly to the editors of THE NEW YORK TIMES:

In a titillating lead into an otherwise accurate article about why I love New York, John Leland writes that I started my career as “a C.I.A. operative,” got my “break as a Playboy Bunny” and married the father of a movie star.

Get over it, Gloria Steinem.

You were a CIA operative.

For years, you and your harridans have managed to distort and silence that reality.

Your hold over the conversation has vanished.

You should have gotten honest on your own and honest long ago.

You and your clique demonized women who told the truth.

Sad thing for you is that you and your clique no longer control the discourse.

You have been outed.

There is no going back in.

Last month, THE SACREMENTO BEE ran a column entitled "The Feminist Was A Spook."

Get used to it.

And grasp that when you die, even more truth will be told -- truths you won't be able to silence.

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