Monday, November 07, 2016

No politician is entitled to your vote. Ask who has earned your vote by standing for you.

Jill Stein is running for president on the Green Party ticket.

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    Your for the Green Party can unleash $10 million in federal matching funds. Build a party for the 99 percent.
  • We are seeing a war being waged against African American communities in the US via mass incarceration & violent policing.
  • While I spent the day going Green, Comey was busy falling inline! Stay vigilant people. We will never quit!
  • Meet more Green Party candidates like , who's running for Sheriff of Bexar County, Texas:
  • We stopped them from invading Syria, privatizing the Internet & building Keystone XL. When we the people mobilize together, we get it done.
  • Since Clinton/Trump got picked, we've welcomed so many people of intelligence, integrity & grit to . Our future looks bright.
  • The are in danger of losing ballot access. Help give voters an independent option every year.
  • How media props up Republicrats: Trump has gotten 35K times the media coverage we have; Clinton got 20K. Most of our coverage is hostile.
  • No politician is entitled to your vote. Ask who has earned your vote by standing for you. Otherwise, you're truly wasting your vote.
  • Fifty-seven percent of Americans say they want a new major party to rise up to take on the Dems and GOP.
  • The illusion of choice: we claim to have democracy, yet the establishment tells us we must be ruled by 1 of 2 people the majority dislike? 🤔
  • Trying to find the key differences between me and Clinton, Johnson and Trump? We've broken it down for you here!
  • We don't have to change minds. We just have to tell the truth & show people we're not powerless when we stand together.
  • Time to vote again! Tell us your favorite policy:
  • Enough said. Vote for the Greater Good. Reject the "Lesser" Evil. 🗳✅
  • It's incredible how many are stepping up now: the best, brightest, most moral & most awake. This is a transformative moment.
  • It's amazing how politics can actually bring people together when they feel respected, affirmed & uplifted. Our supporters inspire me.💚
  • Libertarians & Greens often disagree, but we both agree with 57% of Americans who think the 2-party system must end.
  • . is right: Our democracy has been stolen. Let's take it back.
  • Here's why attacking anyone who doesn't support Clinton as privileged is logically, strategically & morally wrong:
  • . stands w/ Standing Rock, so I stand w/ Dr. Jill Stein. Honor the treaties. Protect the water. Free Leonard Peltier.
  • Young Green runs the chapter. Start a campus chapter:
  • To the majority of Americans who don't want either Clinton or Trump to be president: and your dream will come true!
  • If we're not hopeless, we're powerful. The elites are scared. The 99% is waking up to their scam. and .
  • The establishment manufactures consent... and hopelessness. Media, polls, debates are all designed not to upset the elite power structure.
  • In 2002 I was voted the winner of a MA Gov debate with Mitt Romney and 2 others. They haven't allowed me to get near a stage since.
  • I helped build a coalition that passed a referendum to get money out of politics in MA. The Democratic legislature repealed it right away.
  • Iowa and Utah: If the Green Party earns just 2 percent of the vote on Election Day, it keeps ballot access.
  • In a system driven by profiteering, the problem isn't that corporations want to kill us - it's that they don't care if they're killing us.
  • If & oppose TPP, tell them to demand their parties stop lame-duck TPP push!
  • Just giving people pills does not create a healthy society. We need healthy food, air, water, transport, jobs - and .
  • If you're tired of hearing about "spoiler" candidates, help your state pass a Ranked Choice Voting law:
  • Big money environmentalists have been misinforming people about me. Here's why real friends of the Earth vote Green:
  • It's time to build a movement of movements that's willing to use electoral politics for desperately needed transformation and real change.

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