Monday, November 21, 2016

Martha Plimpton, f**k the hell off

Truly, just f**k off, you entitled and delusional fool.

So 4 all those who sat it out or assumed they could see the outcome & voted their "conscience," here is your civics lesson: PRESIDENT TRUMP.

So in other words, Martha, it's vote your way or take your wrath?

Martha, you're not an attractive woman.

You've never had a pretty phase.

You're a woman who tends to give the same one-note performance whether it's drama or comedy.

So you're acting career is a bit of a miracle.

It won't last long, though, if you think you can bully the country.

We didn't vote for Donald Trump.

We didn't vote for Hillary Clinton.

Those who voted for either are hopefully proud of our votes.

We're proud of how we voted as well.

And we don't need to be attacked by you.

You're lucky TV has been kind to you.

But viewers won't be if you can't let go of your hatred and control issues.

The Green Party and the Libertarian Party are valid parties.

Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are valid candidates.

They don't need the approval  of a woman whose current sitcom will probably get the axe for low ratings shortly.

Dear Liberals: the pain of Clinton neoliberalism caused the rise of Trump. To survive, we must build an economy that works for all of us.

That's reality that the pampered pusses of Martha Plimpton and her ilk will never grasp.

They've spent eight years unable to protest the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or the new wars on Syria and Libya or The Drone War or the illegal spying . . .

Or anything of value.

Safe in their bubble they didn't give a damn about We The People and now they whine.

How they whine.

Ethan Cohen, you made one good movie years ago with RAISING ARIZONA.

Not even FARGO holds up at its full length and FARGO's the best you've had to offer since.

After gaining ballot access in 12 more states—thanks to petitioning and election wins—the Green Party is now on the ballot in 21 states!

We're real sorry that your underdeveloped brains battle with your overdeveloped sense of self and fail to realize that binary thinking is both patriarchal and deeply, deeply sexist.

It's not an either/or world.

And the Green Party needs to continue build and will continue to build with or without the support of apologists for a Democratic Party that has sold out workers to corporations, that has sold out the environment, that has chipped away at abortion rights and that has embrace any and every war it can.

This is not the party of FDR.

It is right-wing, corporatist party.

If you can't get that, too damn bad.

But forget about riding your moral ponies to market because nobody with any common sense is buying it.

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