Monday, November 21, 2016

Dear religious zealot/hysteric (Ty's Corner)


I saw you at the Twitter feed of psycho Debra Messing, so I knew you weren't very smart right from the bat.

THIS IS GREAT. Please READ & RT. 👏🏻Dear White People, Let’s Check In via

Guess what, Hind, as you admit, you are White.

So, for starters, kiss my Black ass.

Kiss it good.

I don't need lectures from religious hysterics and zealots.

In fact, in the US, when you walk a public street wearing that sign of fundamentalism on your head?

It does not reassure me.

Don't get me wrong.

I don't fear you're a terrorist.

I just fear you're a closed minded bigot who will stomp on my rights.

See, I'm not real keen on nuns in habits either.

You're in the United States.

You can be a zealot all you want.

That is your right.

But when you try to lecture me, don't think you're going to get away with it.

Some dumb person like Debra Messing will lap your words up like their head's between your spread legs.

Oh, yeah, Hind, I'm also gay.

I'm Black and I'm gay.

You're a White, religious freak.

To be clear, I believe in God.

But you're not going to catch me dressing like it's a few centuries back.

I don't dislike, for example, the Dutch Amish.

I just don't go them for advise or knowledge.

I just don't see their retreat from the modern world as any path I need to travel.

This site's been around for how long?

Eleven years.

And I've never felt the need to go after the religious freaks.

Religious freaks?

That's not someone who worships Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus or whomever.

That is someone who needs to dress up in costumes to show their faith.

And when a cracker of that faith tries to speak for those of us who are people of color, I get really ticked off.

And when said cracker claims she learned about White America via FAMILY TIES and THE FACTS OF LIFE, I'm left with the realization that the latter was miles ahead of FAMILY TIES as any person of color will tell you.

Kim Fields.

She's African-American and she played Tootie on every season of FACTS OF LIFE.

During some of those years, she was the only Black teenager on prime time TV.

Equally true, the character of Jo was working class, the character Natalie was Jewish and Blair, the rich, White character, was repeatedly forced to admit that her view was limited.

FACTS OF LIFE was a lot more advanced than the Reagan embracing FAMILY TIES (yes, mom and dad were hippies but the star Michael J. Fox played the Reagan loving Alex).  Equally true, FACTS OF LIFE had four strong young women and women were a joke on FAMILY TIES.

Only a cracker would make the mistake you did, Hind.

And only a cracker like Debra Messing would link to your garbage.

This is America.

We have religious freedom in the US.

Which means my gay ass can choose to worship or not.

And I usually look at those who feel the need to go out in costume -- be it a Hasidic beard or a cloth napkin over their head -- and roll my eyes while keeping my thoughts to myself.

Your decision to embrace the fundamentalism of any religion despite the pain you cause by doing this?

I'm supposed to respect that?

As a Black gay man, I'm fully aware that zealots used religion to defend both slavery and homophobia.

No, that's incorrect.

Not to defend slavery and homophobia, but to spread it, to popularize it, to embrace it.

So excuse the f**k out of me, Hind, if I don't want to jump on the bandwagon that says it's so cool that you're such a fundamental freak that you have to go out in public in a costume to 'honor' your religion.

You can do whatever you want.

Even embrace harmful reminders of how gay people of color have been held back.

Even embrace it publicly.

What you can't do is claim to speak for people of color or the LGBTQ community.

And, let me break it down for you, my opinion is not a minority opinion in the African-American community or the gay community.

Religious zealotry remains a great threat to my rights and the rights of others like me.

We're aware of it.

We see, for example, the way the Shi'ite militias, egged on by Nouri al-Maliki, went after the LGBT community in Iraq in the name of fundamental religion.

Again, religion's not the problem.

It's those of you who want to live in the past and reject modernity.

Costumes are for superheros, parades and Halloween.

Not a topic I'd be addressing if a fundamentalist (White) woman hadn't thought she could speak for all people of color and the LGBTQ community.

You're not speaking for me, Hind.

Not now.

Not ever.

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