Sunday, November 13, 2016

Editorial: War Hawk Hillary deserved to lose

Oh, how stupid they were.

Because they thought Hillary Clinton would win last Tuesday?

No, because they thought she deserved to win.

  1. Today America rejects bigotry, misogyny and hate. Today America embraces inclusiveness, decency and love. Today America makes history. HRC!!

If America was going to reject bigotry, they wouldn't go with the woman who declared war on Muslims.

That would be Hillary Clinton.

Whether you're Iraqi, Palestinian, Syrian or Libyan, she has made your life a living hell.

Rejecting bigotry?

Donald Trump, we're told, is awful because he plans to deport immigrants.

But that's not what he's planning.

He's planning to deport immigrants who legally should not be in this country and who have broken laws.

Do you not like that?

Then you never should have supported Hillary.

How is what he proposed any different from what Hillary has long advocated?  It's not:

A vow to give the boot to criminal aliens has become an almost daily part of the New York senator's presidential campaign spiel on overhauling the immigration system.
"Anybody who committed a crime in this country or in the country they came from has to be deported immediately, with no legal process. They are immediately gone," Mrs. Clinton told a town hall meeting in Anderson, S.C., Thursday. On Wednesday, she told a crowd in North Bergen, N.J., that such criminals "absolutely" need to be deported. A day earlier, she told a rally in Salinas, Calif., that aliens with criminal records "should be deported, no questions asked."

What we've seen over and over in the last years is that what a Republican does, we on the left are aghast at but we will torture ourselves into pretzels to try to justify it when a Democrat does it.

Hillary never should have been nominated.

She was a lousy candidate.

There was the belief that she could put Iraq behind her.

But Iraq was problematic to her in 2016 than in 2008.

In 2008, there was relief that she'd finally called her vote for the Iraq War a "mistake."

From 2009 to 2012, she had the chance to make up for that as Secretary of State but she did nothing to improve the lives of the Iraqi people.

Worse, she began to expand on her "mistake" and it always involved that she would have put more troops on the ground than Bully Boy Bush.

Her mistake, she would insist in this period and beyond, was to trust him.

But he, she would insist, didn't listen to the generals.

So her "mistake" was no admission of wrong doing on her part.

The entire country knows the Iraq War was based on lies.

But that wasn't an issue for Hillary.

She was a lousy candidate.

She deserved to lose.

Did she deserve to lose to Donald Trump?

As WikiLeaks made clear in the release of the Podesta E-mails, Hillary and her campaign wanted Trump for the GOP candidate because they thought he would be the easiest to beat.

If you're unhappy that Trump is president, blame Hillary.

She was a lousy candidate and her campaign worked overtime (with the media) to build up Trump.

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