Sunday, November 13, 2016

Celebrity thoughts (Ava and C.I.)

Maybe Alyssa Milano needs to pipe the hell down if she also wants to be paid by Atkins to promote their products?

She's being paid to promote their products and to drive interest.

She's being paid to be non-controversial.

No one forced Alyssa to be a whore to a corporation.

She prostituted herself.

Having done that, she owes it to the corporation that pays her to be non-controversial.

It's hard for so many to grasp.

But then the election's been so hard for so many.  Ronan Farrow, for example gained 15 pounds.

It's funny to read the celeb Twit accounts where they alternate preaching love with tearing apart people.

And  calling people you disagree with "beasts" isn't the way to win them over.  Have you checked your Twitter feeds from the last month as you pretend you've high roaded it?

When a number of you rushed to shame various female celebrities for not Tweeting about Hillary -- is there a reason you never shamed Justin Timberlake?

Guess The Debra Messings only go after women.

They certainly went after Oprah.

Everybody take a deep breath! !

Did that Tweet really deserve any of the attacks it received?

Remember, America, White celebrities want to speak for African-Americans.

When African-Americans speak for themselves, as Oprah did, it's White American celebrities job to slam African-Americans.

Because, of course, Debra Messing -- a White woman -- knows better than African-American Oprah what it's like to be a person of color.

And here's another thought maybe celebs shouldn't try to educate about that which they know not.

Here's British born tart Minnie Driver (star of ABC's fading sitcom SPEECHLESS).

They did vote -overwhelmingly for . Check your constitutional knowledge and understand the biased power of the electoral college.

If people wanted her so badly, Bethann correctly states, they should have voted for her.

Minnie, your popular vote is meaningless.

You're the idiot lecturing about that.  They didn't vote overwhelmingly for Hillary where it mattered which is why she lost the electoral college.

Wisconsin Democrats in the know blame Hillary and her campaign for Russ Feingold's loss.

She knew she had to have Wisconsin but she didn't want to listen to what the people in the Democratic Party there stated.  So she took the state for granted.

That didn't just effect her.

It effected politicians who actually matter like Russ Feingold.

It's cute the way that these celebs rush to prop up Harry Reid, by the way.  Forget all of his personal problems that are open whispers.  There's the fact that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, while she was House Majority Leader, explained to THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE that she and her House Dems were trying to address the Iraq War but Harry was where the issue fell apart.

Also it's so sweet of you to prop up sexist Aaron Sorkin.

You can check out Tom Mendelsohn's 204 "You don't need to read Aaron Sorkin's leaked emails to realize he's a sexist -- just watch The West Wing" (INDEPENDENT).

Or Maureen Ryan's 2012 "The Newsroom: Women Problems Abound about in Aaron Sorkin's HBO series" (HUFFINGTON POST).

Ruth Spencer's 2012's "Are Aaron Sorkin's women: silent bearers of sexism'?" (GUARDIAN).

Or Margaret Lyon's 2012 "The Newroom Is Incredibly Hostile Towards Women" (VULTURE).

Sarah Hughes' "Does Aaron Sorkin have a women problem?" (NEW STATESMAN).

Or you could have just read our own "TV: White Man Talking (and talking and talking)" -- way back in 2006 -- because as trail blazing feminists, it's our job to lead the way, not glom on the topic after others make it safe:

The only one who succeeds is Amanda Peet. She succeeds in spite of the writing and in spite of Water Cooler Critics grabbing bits she thought up for her character and crediting Sorkin for them. Sorkin's put no thought into her character -- she's a female, he has no interest. For those who missed that obvious fault, West Wing started filming without a First Lady -- a look at the White House with no First Lady? The character Stockard Channing would bring to life was an after thought to Sorkin -- so it's no surprise that Peet's getting by largely on her likeability. There's no character for her to play so the show's very lucky that someone as likeable as Peet is in the cast.

So maybe we should be thrilled by all the interest in Jill Stein?

Ethan Cohen and Martha Plimpton and Debra Messing are among those trashing Jill.

What's Jill's crime?

Running for president.

Good for Jill.

After gaining ballot access in 12 more states—thanks to petitioning and election wins—the Green Party is now on the ballot in 21 states!

That's how you build a future.

But it's too much for some.

This is heartbreaking. If you threw your vote away on , do me a favor: don't tell me. Self(ish)-destruction.

Eric, do us a favor, get an acting coach.


Every role is the same with you.  Every line reading is the same.  You don't create a character, you don't work too hard at all.

Talk about selfish destruction.

By the way, sexist Eric, is there a reason you went after Jill?

She's a woman, right?

Gary Johnson got more votes than Jill did.  But you don't mention him, do you?

You do trash the woman.

And her ticket.

The ticket, by the way, the only ticket with a person of color on it.

A fact you seem unaware of -- one that never registered in your rush to history.

It's funny how that didn't matter.

Until you grasp that a bunch of White assholes set the agenda to begin with based on 'we know best.'

They didn't then, they don't now.

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