Monday, October 31, 2016

Pig Boy Joe Conason (Ava and C.I.)

If, during the last hour she spent with Clinton, Lewinsky had alerted him to the obvious danger posed by Tripp, everything might have turned out differently.  But she couldn't bring herself to do that.  It would have meant admitting that she had betrayed their secret and thereby jeopardized him. -- Joe Conason

Joe Conason's a Pig Boy.

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That's Monica Lewinsky today.

When she was 22 years old, she began a sexual affair with then-President Bill Clinton that lasted from 1995 to 1997.

It was the affair Bill Clinton denied.

It was the affair Hillary Clinton infamously denied in her TODAY interview with Matt Lauer.  It was a lie, Hillary insisted, all part of a vast right wing conspiracy.

Only it wasn't.

Monica told the truth.

Joe Conason is not an author, he's a fluffer on the porn set that is Bill and Hillary's life -- like a good fluffer, he takes the penis in his mouth to keep it hard.

And that's why he writes 'objective' tomes like THE HUNTING OF THE PRESIDENT.

Bill is always the victim, no one else.

Notice that in the quote that kicked off the article?

Monica could have saved Clinton if she "had alerted him" so he could have NOT lied.

Monica was the one who "betrayed their secret" -- she betrayed.

Strange, we never heard of Monica standing before God and a congregation, vowing to forever keep silent about the affair she and Bill Clinton had.

We have, however, heard of Bill Clinton taking a vow to Hillary Clinton.

But Monica "betrayed"?

Monica told a woman she thought was her friend that she was having an affair with the sitting president.

That's not shocking.

Nor is it a betrayal.

Unless you're a pig boy who feels that Bill Clinton's allowed to do whatever he wants and that women who won't be silent are witches who need to be burned at the stake.

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