Monday, October 31, 2016

Pig Boy Bob Somerby (Ava and C.I.)

Bob Somerby,  the internet's Queen Mother, likes to tell the world that Kathleen Willey is a liar.


Bob's a sexist -- on Saturday, he decided the best way to trash cable TV chatter was by referring to "Cable Barbie" -- and he always has been one.

Kathleen Willey accused then-President Bill Clinton of groping her in the Oval Office.

Bob Somerby's made it his mission to attack women.

Here he is in 2003:

Indeed, Independent Counsel Robert Ray would eventually give up on Willey. In his formal report on the Clinton investigations, Ray said that Willey had lied to the FBI; he even suggested that he had considered prosecuting her for her conduct. But when these embarrassing facts became known, your “press corps” did the thing it does best. It kept the evidence from public view, conducting its latest scam on the public. Few recent events do a better job of showing the depth of this press corps’ dysfunction. The Willey affair shows how reflexively dishonest your contemporary “press” really is.

Robert Ray didn't give up on Willey's claims regarding Bill Clinton.

Robert Ray found that Willey had lied in statements about a boyfriend.

That has nothing to do with her claim about Bill Clinton harassing her.

So she lied.

So did Bill Clinton.

He lied to the American people and he lied in a deposition.

But Bill's never held accountable for those lies, is he?

Not by the pig boys like Bob Somerby whose made it a cottage industry to trash women.

It's funny though, he has gone after Keith Olbermann for trashing women -- but never Bill Maher.  What's the difference?

Oh, that's right, Bob used to go cock-knocking with pig boy Bill.

We're not saying Kathleen Willey told the truth, we're not saying she didn't.

We're saying it's her word against Bill Clinton's word.

It's cute the way the pig boys have attacked women and gotten away with it.

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