Monday, September 12, 2016

Wages stagnant for 35 years

Jill Stein is the Green Party's presidential nominee.

  1. Fed up with the rigged political system? Want real democracy? Stand w/ me for !
  2. A fair economy for workers means a $15/hr living wage, healthcare for all, cancel student debt & free education thru college.
  3. We will create a new Works Progress Administration making government the employer of last resort in a full employment economy.
  4. The will create 20M jobs by investing in clean energy, public transit, sustainable agriculture & conservation.
  5. Greens will advance workers' rights to unionize, achieve workplace democracy, & keep a fair share of the wealth they create.
  6. will create living-wage jobs for everyone who needs work, replacing unemployment offices with employment offices.
  7. Bipartisan Taft-Hartley act was key to breaking union power. I will repeal Taft-Hartley & restore workers' rights to organize.
  8. In '50s 1 in 3 workers in private sector was union. Now 1 in 20. Wages stagnant for 35 years, down for non-union workers.
  9. If current trends continued it would take Black families 228 years to amass same amount of wealth white families have today.
  10. one thing: the 2-party system has failed. 76% of Americans want me and in the debates.
  11. Richest 10% in US have 76% of total wealth; next 40% have 23% of wealth; bottom 50% have 1% of wealth.
  12. Bottom 25% of US have zero wealth and average $13K in debt. 12% of families have average $32K in debt. Rampant poverty in US.
  13. On let's reflect on how to transform economic & political systems to serve the people, not just elite.
  14. Top trends & show level of discourse to expect in debates if & I are locked out.
  15. The economy is controlled by 2 corporate parties that have led us into an economic and political crisis.
  16. In 2000 told his friend it was "disgraceful" that debates exclude independents. Was Trump a con man all along?
  17. Working people are struggling to stay afloat while the rigged economy helps the rich get richer.
  18. . is acting like a man with no honor. He'll go back on his word in a second if it benefits him. Sad.

  19. is the perfect time to reflect on economic reality, & how to create a world that works for all of us.
  20. Hey remember saying it's "disgraceful" to exclude independents from debates? You with elites now?

  21. Whoa. Kinda scary, folks.

  22. ::twinkle::

  23. The economy is rigged to work for the 1%. Let's change that.
  24. Watching w/o all four candidates is deceptive, . Shed light on this rigged process!
  25. It's going to take a huge force to help independent candidates onto the debate stage. Be that force for change, .
  26. The are so rigged, you can only get on stage if you agree with the establishment. That's not fair to Americans, .
  27. Two minutes on with Presidential Candidate on the Green Party platform and our .
  28. Remember when you stood up for to get onto the debate stage in 2000? Keep being that guy, .
  29. Happy ! Here is what I and propose for a cleaner, more just world for workers.
  30. Remember when Reagan valiantly invited John Anderson onto the debate stage in 1980? Be that guy, .
  31. It doesn't seem fair the commission is rigging the system, . Americans are not fools.
  32. Thank you for kneeling (and standing up for justice), . +
  33. 275 days since . So much is going on in the world that requires the courage to stand up. Hillary is sitting it out.
  34. Flooding is happening more often and the can halt it.
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