Monday, September 12, 2016

TV: Peyton Manning The Everyday Housewife

[Ava and C.I. last updated this piece 9/2/16.]


Peyton Manning showed up on TV Monday night when COMEDY CENTRAL broadcast it's roast of actor Rob Lowe.


Better question, why was the plain-to-ugly man making fun of right-winger Ann Coulter's looks?

Peyton does get that he's ugly and looks, to put it kindly, "slow," right?

And people like Jewel joining in on the laughter at Ann Coulter are aware that they should have been calling out Peyton for assault of a woman, right?

Apparently not.

The White Goddess Peyton Manning is supposed to be something.

In the world that elevates White quarterbacks and condemns athletes of color, Peyton's really supposed to be something.

But in one TV ad after another, he comes off, at best, neutered, as though he was being injected daily with saltpeter.

He shuffles around pathetically on a supposed Sunday morning, in a grocery store, wearing a bathrobe and flip-flops as he babbles on about things like 18 being his old number while the check out guy looks at him like he's crazy.

Oh, and he remembers he has a coupon.

But, in another, he doesn't remember that his brother Eli is playing in a Sunday game and is dejected when Eli can't join him for nachos (but hopefully Eli can come over for a coffee clatch on Tuesday).

And then there's the one he's at home making designer cupcakes.

He's done so many commercials, in fact, that THE URBAN DICTIONARY notes he "would probably do Tampon commercials given the chance."

"I'm not the only athlete up here.  As you know, earlier this year, Ann Coulter won the Kentucky Derby."

Does Peyton Manning not get how ugly and freakish he looks?

We wondered about Jewel as well.

In 1997, she was providing sisterhood on stages with Lilith Fair.  In 2016, she was giving cover to one sexist joke about Ann Coulter ("I do want to say, as a feminist, that I can't support everything that's been said tonight.  But, as someone who hates Ann Coulter, I'm delighted.").

Poor Jewel, who will save her soul?

And poor, pathetic Pete Davidson.

Maybe you remember earlier this year when Pete presented himself as something more than an uneducated hick?  When he was in the news for this:

SNL star Pete Davidson has launched into a blistering attack on the priest and principal of his former Staten Island school.
The edgy comedian, 22, who is the youngest member of the cast, posted his rant on Wednesday following news of a lawsuit against Father Michael Reilly for racial and homophobic abuse of his staff.
According to the lawsuit, Father Reilly regularly referred to women as 'b****s' or 'tw*ts', called gay people 'f*gs', said he was going to kick one black man 'back to the jungle' and throw a staff member battling cancer 'to the f*****g curb'. 
Labeling Father Reilly 'an absolute monster' on his Instagram account, Davidson told his 322,000 followers that his ex-teacher at St Joseph by The Sea High School was an 'epic piece of s**t' and an 'ultimate jerk off'.

Reilly was "an aboslute monster" but Pete's calling Ann a "racist c--t" and has nothing for Peyton Manning.

For those who don't know, Peyton Manning couldn't stand a woman in college, a trainer, so while she was examining his foot, he placed his penis on top of her head and his nuts against her face.

It was assault.

He then tried to lie about it and to get a teammate to join him in lying.

The teammate refused.

When a court settlement resulted in favor of the woman assaulted, Peyton and his father decided to trash the women in a self-serving autobiography which included their slurs that she slept with students -- and since both father and Peyton are racists, they made it African-American students.

Pete Davidson a little dicked boy who can speak out against a long ago principal but will attack Ann Coulter while ignored Peyton Manning's own record.

Yes, Ann has contemptible views.

Yes, she's on the other end of the political spectrum from us.

But this wasn't a roast of Ann Coulter.

It says a great deal about how pathetic our society has become that the nastiest insults were hurled at a woman whose thoughts we don't like while Peyton Manning -- guilty of sexual assault and trafficking in racism -- got a pass.

It goes to why super hero films are so popular right now.

No one tells the truth.

You've got whores for Hillary and whores for Donald on TV justifying things that cannot be justified.

You've got them attacking others -- including the news outlet ASSOCIATED PRESS -- because they don't like what's reported.

They lie and whore and stand for nothing.

Chris Evans' Captain America is one of the more favored of today's crop of film superheroes.

But you don't catch these professional pundits doing what Evans' Steve Rodgers does.

Instead, they embarrass themselves in their rush to whore.

Superhero films -- BATMAN, SUPERMAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE AVENGERS, THOR, IRON MAN, soon WONDER WOMAN, etc. -- saturate the multiplexes.

Because they stand for something.

And that really matters today when Democrats rush to justify and embrace their candidate's support for wars and spying.

It really matters as we see truth tellers like Seymour Hersh ostracized for attempting the same kind of truth telling they did when a Republican was in the White House.

We want super heroes, but not enough to shun these villains whose punditry is dishonest and toxic.

Peyton Manning is the sickness in our society -- and those who enable him are just as responsible as he is.

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