Sunday, August 07, 2016

Time for Carnegie Endowment to fire Andrew S. Weiss

As a global, independent, and nonpartisan institution, we have not only the capacity but also the responsibility to foster conversations that cut across borders and boundaries. Over the past year, we have launched a new dialogue series with members of the U.S. Congress and the diplomatic corps, and held hundreds of public and private forums at our centers around the world and on every conceivable online platform. We had the privilege of hosting heads of state, ministers, and business leaders from around the world as well as one-fifth of President Barack Obama’s cabinet. And we continue to invest in the next generation of scholars and policymakers, through our distinguished Junior Fellows Program and our network of rising scholars across our global centers.

So announced William J. Burns after becoming president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Prior to joining the organization, Burns was a distinguished and well respected member of government.

He earned a reputation for fairness.

That reputation is now at risk as a result of Andrew S. Weiss.

The vice president of the organization has been Tweeting . . .

has been Tweeting McCarthyistic smears.

  1. Wherein 's running mate claims Russia was blamed unfairly for 2014 MH17 shootdown
  2. More video from 's bizarre 12/15 trip to Moscow to celebrate Kremlin propaganda TV channel
  3. Pic of at dinner w Putin, pal Gen Mike Flynn in Moscow in Dec 2015 at RT anniv party
  4. Fun fact: attended same Dec 2015 w Putin as Trump crony . RT's 10th anniversary party.

  5. Creepy video from Moscow gushing over Russian support for human rights, dinner w Putin, RT anniv party
  6. Marginally better than chanting Putin! Putin! Putin!

Carnegie supposedly exists to foster dialogue but here's v.p. Weiss smearing someone for conversations.

He needs to apologize and then he needs to go.

If he doesn't, it's Carnegie Endowment's image that will suffer.

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