Sunday, August 07, 2016

SPUTNIK doesn't know s**t

The always embarrassing SPUTNIK 'NEWS' just got even more embarrassing on Sunday with a 'report' that insisted:

As was first noticed by The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald via Twitter: John Aravosis, the editor of the pro-Hillary AMERICAblog and a former colleague of the presidential candidate during his time with the Children’s Defense Fund, penned an attack editorial against Jill Stein on Saturday alleging that the anti-war Green Party candidate was somehow in league with Russia.
​The article begins by noting that she visited Moscow last winter to attend a conference hosted by RT, which Aravosis calls "the Russian state propaganda organ" in order to call for an end to decades-long war and a militaristic policy that favors defense spending over serving the needs of the people.

So Sunday morning at 11:39 AM, Glenn Greenwald was the first to notice the post?

We kind of think many people noticed it before then, noticed it when it went up.

More importantly, Marcia called it out Saturday with "McCarthyism from John Aravosis" at 10:06 p.m.

That means Marcia called it out before Glenn Glenn.

How typical of SPUTNIK to ignore an African-American lesbian in their rush to nuzzle the crotch of a White gay man.

In fairness to SPUTNIK, Glenn did write about it earlier than they note.

He Tweeted about it 14 hours before we wrote this.


Of course, Marcia blogged about it 20 hours before we wrote this.

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