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15 Reasons Why A Vote For Gov. Gary Johnson Matters

Gary Johnson is the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate.

15 Reasons Why A Vote For Gov. Gary Johnson Matters

When someone tells you that you are wasting your vote by supporting Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, here’s a list of 15 reasons why a vote for us is the most meaningful vote you can make.

1. When Gov. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld Get to 15%, Everything Changes

The Johnson/Weld ticket is as high as 13% in some national polls, and they are now in first place with young voters, ahead of both Hillary and Trump. With hundreds of thousands of new supporters, millions of dollars being raised, and a platform to reach the disillusioned voters with a positive and nonpartisan message, Johnson and Weld can reach 15% with just a little more support from people like you. Imagine a voice of reason in a debate that would otherwise be consumed with negativity and name calling. A vote for Gov. Gary Johnson changes everything.
The Chicago Tribune seems to believe so.

2. 65% of Americans Don’t Feel Like Either Major Party Represents Them

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld actually represent the majority of America. Most often, voters side with one of the two parties not because they want to, but because they are told to fear the “other” option. According to Reuters, Forty-seven percent of Trump supporters said their main priority when voting will be to stop Clinton from reaching the White House. And 46 percent of Clinton backers said the same of Trump. 
Imagine if everyone who said “I’d vote for Johnson if he had a chance,” actually did? We would win the whole thing.

3. Gary Johnson Can Force Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to Debate the Issues

The two major party candidates spend too much of their time talking about how much America should fear the other. A third voice can force the discussion on issues, not personal attacks. Gary Johnson is committed to a substantive campaign and is already at 13% in some national polls. Even if you don’t agree with everything Gary says, a honest and open discussion with American voters is healthy for our democracy. 

Should Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson be part of Presidential debate w/ Trump and Clinton?

4. We Can Make History By Creating More Competitive Elections

Imagine if a third party makes it into the debates this year. That alone will change the entire political discussion. No longer will voters believe that our democracy is a simple choice between two unpopular options. We should pride ourselves on something more, like a positive discussion with new ideas. If we get in the debates in 2016, we could win the whole thing. But even if we didn’t win the election, a viable third party would finally qualify for the same ballot access that the Republican and Democratic parties receive every election. Finally, we would have more competitive elections.

5. Gov. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are Ready to Lead from Day 1

Johnson and Weld have executive experience as popular two-term governors. Although Hillary was a senator and secretary of state, she’s never held an executive position. And although Trump may be a successful businessman, he has never served in public office or been accountable to taxpayers. Gary and Bill know how to govern because they’ve been there and done that. Johnson and Weld are ready to lead America from day 1. 

6. Gov. Gary Johnson Would Set a Good Example

Whether it’s Governor Johnson’s positive demeanor, his appreciation for intellectual discussion, or his dedication to adventure and fitness, we should have a presidential candidate who can create the conditions for a better presidential debate. Gov. Gary Johnson’s voice of reason and responsibility would be healthy for our national political discourse.

Imagine a President who tells the truth and does what he says he will do. 

7. Gov. Gary Johnson Can Help Bridge the Partisan Divide

If one of the other two candidates are elected, the partisan divisions will only widen. This is because both candidates play on the electorate’s fear of "the other option" in order to win votes for “their side.” On the other hand, Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld have little appetite for partisan politics. As former Republican governors from Democratic states, they were both re-elected by wide margins because they spent their time representing people, not just their political party.

8. Gov. Gary Johnson Can Make Our Political Discussion More Positive

Both parties run campaigns that try and “divide and conquer” the electorate. They do this, in part, by playing on our fears. Both candidates would have you think that the world will end if the other is elected. Only Gary Johnson will tell the truth. We are a nation that is getting better. And one day, we will move forward with respect and cooperation. A vote for Gary Johnson is a statement that we want that “one day” to be now.

9. Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld Have a Great Sense of Humor

Think we could lighten up a bit? Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are serious candidates that don’t take themselves too seriously. We all need a little humor.

10. Governor Gary Johnson Supporters are Ideologically Diverse

Unlike the other two candidates, Johnson and Weld are attracting voters from across the political spectrum as a meaningful alternative to the divisive major party options. Today, politicians spend too much time representing the “red team” and the “blue team.” Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld don’t think that is a healthy way to promote unity. Representatives should be accountable to everyone, not just members of their team. So, at a time when partisanship is tearing the country apart, we have a unique opportunity to bring ideologically and demographically diverse Americans together. 

11. Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld Have Been Successful Executives

Governor Gary Johnson’s economic policies worked for New Mexico,driving down unemployment and allowing the economy to grow. At the same time, they also drastically improved New Mexico’s schools and infrastructure. In 1992, Governor Bill Weld was rated the most fiscally conservative governor in the United States by the Wall Street Journal. More importantly, the unemployment rate in Massachusetts plummeted from the highest among the 11 industrialized states to the lowest by the end of his first term!

12. Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld Have a Clean Record

Unlike the other two candidates, Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are notably absent from political scandal. Think we could use a little more focus on policy and a little less concern over credibility? Vote for Gov. Gary Johnson.

13. You Don’t Have to Vote for the “Lesser of Two Evils.”

“Vote for Trump or you’re voting for Clinton!” “Vote for Clinton or you’re voting for Trump!” All the time, Americans get bifurcated into two opposing camps: If you’re not with us, you’re against us. But all 300 million Americans certainly don’t fit into two neat party lines. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil. So why not vote for someone you believe in? Gary Johnson provides a candidate to vote for, not against.

14. The Johnson/Weld Campaign is Driven By Everyday Americans, Not Political Insiders

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are supported by grassroots voters from across the nation. Over 35,000 volunteers joined our campaign in the first week we launched our recruitment platform. Financially, we are supported by over 50,000 individual donors, not special interests. By supporting Gov. Gary Johnson, you’re joining the millions of Americans who want a voice that represents people, not lobbyists, or other special interests. 

15. A Vote for Gov. Gary Johnson Can Improve Our Democracy

Most importantly, supporting Gary Johnson and Bill Weld says that you’re sick and tired of the partisanship and polarization of Washington. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld can shake up the establishment, end the duopoly, and fundamentally improve our democracy.
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