Sunday, July 24, 2016

The myth of poor, wronged Hillary (Ava and C.I.)

You'll see Hillary in the White House With My Vote—When Pigs Fly! Watch her pander to Blacks at the Convention.

We hear you, Cynthia, we hear you.

Sadly, so many are taken in by Hillary.

That's in part due to the myths repeated of Hillary.

For example, poor Hillary.

Poor Hillary, the one we need to be sympathetic too, is the woman whose husband cheated on her without her knowledge.

This myth obscures the testimony of women such as Juanita Broaddrick that Hillary knew what Bill was doing.

Ms. Broaddrick maintained in the 90s that Bill Clinton raped her -- she has stuck to that charge ever since.  Bill Clinton has never responded to the charge nor has Hillary.

But Hillary's been the poor and pathetic wronged woman that we need to feel sorry for.

Bill made her suffer, after all.

And in the name of 'sisterhood,' we're supposed to be there for her too.

But Hillary's never been a feminist.

And, yes, we can question her feminism.  Especially after her betrayal of Iraqi women.

But we can question the whole myth of Poor Hillary.

Poor Defenseless Hillary.

Put into a position that she'd never put another woman into.



Bill slept with Gennifer Flowers -- as he admitted under oath near the end of the 90s.

But in 1992, when Ms. Flowers was telling her tale, what did Hillary do?

Bob Somerby won't tell you.

He's too busy lying about Pauline Kale with 'facts' like she wrote for THE NEW YORK TIMES, "The mentality behind such works produced a famous moment in December 1972, when Times film critic Pauline Kael expressed surprise that Nixon had won the White House again."

It was THE NEW YORKER, you cultural idiot, she wrote for THE NEW YORKER, not THE NEW YORK TIMES.

And it wasn't poor Hillary in 1992.

Not in the pages of VANITY FAIR.

"Double standard."

Bob knows the term, he never quotes Hillary on it, nor does anyone else.

Her husband slept with Jennifer Flowers and she knew about it.

But the 'victim' Hillary chose to use Gail Sheehy's interview with her for VANITY FAIR to insist that it was a "double standard" because people knew about "Bush and his carrying on, all of which is apparently well known in Washington."

That's our 'feminist' Hillary.

Her cheating husband is getting questioned?

She tosses Barbara Bush under the bus.

Hillary's never been a victim.

She's always been involved.

She's always figured out how to go after Bill's various mistresses, she's always figured out how to present herself as innocent and wronged.

She's neither.

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