Sunday, July 24, 2016

Editorial: Still no work done to heal Iraq

  1. Iraqi army crimes عاجل افضحوهم مجزرة الحشد الشيعي يقتل بالجملة اطفال عراقين سنه نازحين من
  2. Iraqi Sunni children Displaced from killed by Iraqi army air strikes

Why does the western media continue to ignore the murders carried out by the Barack Obama-backed government of Hayder al-Abadi?

In the name of defeating the Islamic State, is the US government willing to tolerate anything?

Apparently so.

But don't expect the Iraqi people to tolerate it.

The persecution of the Sunnis is what allowed the Islamic State to take root in Iraq to begin with.

If the government's persecuting you, you can take the attitude of any fight between it and the Islamic State is their battle and has nothing to do with you.

If that seems familiar, it's because many Iraqis have been quoted stating just over the last two years.

You can kill every current member of the Islamic State currently in Iraq and the problem still remains because you haven't addressed the persecution of the Sunni population.

Barack used to get that.

He used to say that Iraq required a political solution.

He used to say that there was no military answer.

But that was two years ago.

Everything he's done since has only focused on a military response.

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