Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hillary just said what? (Ava and C.I.)

Last week, War Hawk Hillary Clinton had a new point to make in a commercial.

It's actually the same point:  Donald Trump is awful.

She makes that point over and over because she's awful.

The winner of the two of them will apparently be the one who convinces the most people that they themselves are the least awful.


But there was Hillary's commercial quoting Donald saying this and Donald saying that.

And here was the kicker:  The children.

The children.

What is this teaching our children?

What is this saying to our children?


Were we having an acid flashback or was Hillary?

Because we remember that whole children argument.

What is this doing to our children?

How do we explain this to our children?

Only those questions, in the 90s, weren't being asked about what Donald Trump was saying.

No, they were being asked about where then-President Bill Clinton was sticking his penis.

Apparently uninterested in sharing the 'magic wand' with his wife Hillary, he'd taken up with Monica Lewinsky while president.

And he was exposed.

And the nation had to endure talk of blow jobs and sticking cigars in places and so much more because of Bill's tawdry behavior.

So since Hillary's bring up the tired 'what will we tell the children' topic, it must be time for Bill to do some sit downs and for Hillary and him to explain how they're going to ensure that his behavior, if she's elected, is not going to once again subject 'the children' to topics that 'concerned' adults like Hillary want to shield the children from.

Again, she's the one going to the well on this topic.

Donald said some dumb things?

Well most children -- in any country -- are well aware that people say dumb things.

But most children aren't subjected to details about semen on dresses, or blow jobs in the Oval Office or cigars put in places they really aren't intended for.

So, since Hillary's raised her concern for the children, let's follow that up.  Let's get serious.

How are we supposed to believe that Bill will keep it in his pants this time?

Is he going to promise the country?

If so, is he going to offer that should he be caught in yet another affair, he will move out of the White House?

Let's have the conversation now.

Once a cheater . . . .

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