Tuesday, July 19, 2016

EDITORIAL: And now back to us

Iraq briefly got attention.

It just took approximately 300 deaths for it to get write ups and coverage in the western media.

A little bit of coverage.

And then it was all back to us.

The shootings.

Of civilians.

Of police.

Here in America, in the US.

And suddenly it's all about us again.

But here's some scary reality -- that Iraq War?

That's about us too.

The US government started that war and continues that war and we do not even turn out the streets to protest.

We do not call out Barack Obama for breaking his promise to end it.

We do not call out the precious at all.

And then as we embrace violence with our silence, we are shocked -- shocked -- that the world becomes a little more violent.

We're shocked that the violence comes home to the US.

Oh, we believe in cause and effect . . .

in a laboratory setting.

We just won't recognize how two never-ending wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) have embraced violence and moved our world into a more violent place.

But for a brief, tiny moment, we were almost able to focus on the victims in Iraq.

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