Monday, January 04, 2016

Yahoo Screen is no more

YAHOO SCREEN was a video service.

yahoo screen

It wanted to be like HULU or CRACKLE.

With Erica Oyama's Emmy nominated BURNING LOVE, it seemed likely that it could be a first notch video service.

In June 2010, Ava and C.I. hailed the program as the comedy hit of the summer.

And things only looked better as two more seasons of BURNING LOVE were offered and as YAHOO SCREEN offered a sixth season of COMMUNITY after NBC said 'enough' at the end of season five.

Rebecca long blogged on COMMUNITY and felt season five was a tremendous let down.  But from the first episode YAHOO SCREEN offered, she was singing its praises.

With a lower per episode budget and having lost long running characters, the show had to refocus and, in doing so, it hit a creative zenith.

But there will be no season seven -- as Angie Han (SLASHFILM) explains.

YAHOO SCREEN is being folded after too many financial losses.

Which is why HULU should be thrilled they've picked up THE MINDY PROJECT (after FOX cancelled it) and have finally created their own original show worth watching (DIFFICULT PEOPLE).

With a bigger push towards more original content (and not just offering clips from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE), YAHOO SCREEN might have flourished.

Instead, it's now the AltaVista of streaming engines.

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