Monday, January 04, 2016

10 Things We Don't Want To See again in 2016

Bronze Booby Prize

1) Barack Obama's moobs.  Keep your shirt on, please.

Either that or buy a strong training bra.

2) More s**t served up by hack Medea Benjamin.

3) More silence on Iraq from hacks like Medea Benjamin.

4) More pretense that ObamaCare -- making a right to buy healthcare a legal obligation -- is the same as universal healthcare.

5) Andrea Mitchell's outrageous whoring for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

6) Narcissism passed off as self-empowerment.  And, by the way, if you really loved yourself, maybe you wouldn't show up for a Christmas music special and perform in your bra and panties?  Just saying.

7) More refusal to question Barack's 'plan' to 'liberate' Iraq by daily bombing the country.

8) More crap saying Jill Stein is the 2016 presidential nominee -- when the Green Party won't pick that nominee until August of 2016 at their national convention.

9) More censoring of Donald Trump.  A) Censorship is anti-democracy.  B) The more play his statements get, the more people can see what he's really like.

10) The Drone War.

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