Monday, January 25, 2016

Pig Boy Bob Somerby

That Bob Somerby's a sexist isn't news to anyone who reads this or any community sites.

Any man can hurl lies at his beloved Al Gore and he will forgive them but he will prosecute Maureen Dowd and other women until the day he dies.

Bob's sexism is deep rooted.

He fails to grasp basic points.

Take last week when he decided to (yet again) attack a female journalist (THE NEW YORK TIMES' Amy Chozick) and felt the best way to do that was an attempt at sliming Connie Hamzy.


Let's let him explain:

Brace yourselves, but according to the world's leading authority, Hamzy is "an American woman from Little Rock, Arkansas who is best known as a groupie who claims to have had sex with numerous rock musicians...

"Hamzy personally claims to have given oral sex to various members of the many bands that have traveled through Little Rock," the leading authority says. "Her alleged groupie escapades were detailed in a Cosmopolitan profile in 1974, and in 1992 she wrote a tell-all article for Penthouse."

"Hamzy published a memoir in 1995 under the title Rock Groupie: The Intimate Adventures of 'Sweet Connie' from Little Rock," the leading authority further reports.

None of this means that Hamzy wasn't telling the truth when he made her exciting accusation, which Chozick forgets to spell out. That said, was Hamzy a reliable source? When she "came forward" in late 1991, was she telling the truth? 

When he?

At any rate.

A woman says she was propositioned by Bill Clinton.

And Bob Somerby's response is?

To insist that she was a music groupie.

So what?

What does that have to do with anything?

She's not allowed to have sex with who she wants?

Or is it that, as a woman, she's not allowed to have sex period?

Regardless, none of this has anything to do with her accusation.

Bob Somerby is a creep and a sexist.

He really needs to stop sliming women.

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