Sunday, January 17, 2016

It takes a village (of idiots)

Usually with leaders like MSNBC's Joy Reid.

  1. Seeing "Creed" on Sunday. I think the best revenge is to just see & support the films that matter to you. Oscars can go sit down somewhere.

Is she saying CREED should have been nominated?

The film she had not yet seen should have been nominated?

Boxing films don't usually get Academy Award nominations.

One that did was ROCKY.

CREED is yet another Rocky sequel.

Sylvester Stallone did get a Best Supporting Actor nomination for CREED.  He won an Academy Award for writing the screenplay to ROCKY.

As a past winner and as a man over 60 his nomination is not surprising.

CREED star Michael B. Jordan is 28-years-old.  He did not get nominated.

He also starred in the box office failure FANTASTIC FOUR but the key point here is under 30.

The entertainment industry rewards young women and old men.

Doubt it?
Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda were both talked up for nominations.

Neither women got a nomination.

Both women are over 70-years-old.

In terms of Stallone?  He also won the Austin Film Critics Association's Best Supporting Actor award, the Boston Online Film Critics Association, Critic's Choice Awards, Las Vegas Film Critics Society, National Board of Review, Phoenix Critics Circle, St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association, . . . 

Stallone had a groundswell of support for the role fostered by the press.

That's true of his Golden Globe nomination and win.

Joy Reid's not real smart or very intelligent.

Academy Awards are competitions.  Getting a nomination is a long process.  Includes advertising and lobbying.

You can't show up the day after the nominations suddenly insisting a performance no one heralded as a break through is Academy worthy.

The reality of 2015 in films is, as Ann's "The best of 2015 DVDs and Streaming" and Stan's "2015's best offeirngs for home video" noted, was a really bad year for films.  Stan restated this last week:

If this was the year of Halle Berry in MONSTER'S BALL, okay, we've got a problem.

But it wasn't.

It's not like anyone can say, "This actor was robbed!"

I think CHI-RAQ should have gotten nominated multiple times including a Best Director nod for Spike Lee.  I would argue Jennifer Hudson and Angela Bassett should have gotten nominations for their work in that film.

But that's really it.



We agree that CHI-RAQ should have been nominated.

Spike Lee should have been nominated for Best Director.  Jennifer Hudson and Angela Bassett should have both been nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

We also happen to feel Jane Fonda should have been nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Lily Tomlin for Best Actress.

Those nominations didn't happen.

That's life.

And every time we're disappointed, there doesn't have to be a conspiracy working against us or our favorites.

Sometimes it's just bad luck or bad timing.

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