Sunday, January 17, 2016

Editorial: No secret government, Loretta

Tuesday, Janauary 12th, the House Armed Services Committee held a hearing.

The topic was the Islamic State.

US House Rep. Loretta Sanchez was acting as Ranking Member for the hearing.

And she made many strong points.

Including repeatedly noting how there did not appear to be any clear strategy for defeating the Islamic State.

That we agree with.


US House Rep. Loretta Sanchez:  I think we need a clear strategy.  And I'm not sure that strategy is one we ought to make public, Mr. Chairman, because I'm one of those people that says if you want to battle someone you want the upper hand.  But I think we, as the representatives of the people, need to understand what the strategy is.

We don't.

She would declare that "defeating ISIL will require a broad commitment that will take many years" -- and the American people are supposed to be kept in the dark?

All last week, people kept forgetting who rules in a democracy: We The People.

The politicians serve us.

This nonsense of they'll decide and keep things secret and we just go along in silence is bull.

If the Islamic State is a threat, defeating it should be a national conversation not something whispered of in the halls of Congress.


C.I. covered the hearing in "Iraq snapshot" and "Iraq snapshot" while Wally covered it in "Bungler Obama."
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