Monday, October 26, 2015

TV: The least trusted name in news

MSNBC -- the toilet dweller of cable 'news' -- in terms of ratings and quality.

That's the image it's earned.


But they're changing, insists an MSNBC friend.

Not enough.

That was obvious in Thursday afternoon's live coverage of the Congressional Benghazi hearing.

Or Thursday's cheerleading for Hillary Clinton.

To be fair to MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell's lustful orgasm over Hillary playing tough guy?

It's ingrained in certain elements of the press.

They're suck ups and, honestly, they're masochists.

So if someone acts the bully -- be it Hillary, Bully Boy Bush, or any other despot in their country -- they'll fall in line.

Doubt it?

January 23, 2013, Hillary appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to snarl her infamous "What difference at this point does it make!"  The press swallowed that down and insisted Hillary had come out a winner.  You can check The Common Ills' Iraq snapshot for that day to find a different perspective.

Who was right?

Not the media who had a passionate and hormonal response to Hillary.

Turned out that 'proud' moment hailed by the media in real time has haunted Hillary ever since.

Despite this, Thursday on MSNBC, they were masturbating yet again.

Andrea was only one of many making an idiot of herself.

There was the joke that is Brian Williams.

In fact, the same day Brian was noted on THE NIGHTLY SHOW WITH LARRY WILMORE (Comedy Central):

Larry Wilmore: Hey, guys, first of all, how about those Mets?  Pretty good. You know what? I got to tell you, though, I have to tell you the Mets going to the World Series is not what is amazing to me. You know what is amazing to me? I'll tell you. A friend of mine who's a huge Mets fan, he had a TV show. One could call it fake news, if you will. He suffered every year about those Mets on national television and as Americans, we shared his grief. Then a brother gets a TV show and he decides to move out of the television neighborhood. It's okay. Didn't hurt my feelings at all, alright?  But you left a little too soon, didn't you? Didn't you? Three months. Three months is all you had to wait and you could have been savoring this moment in front of everybody. Any how, good luck to your Mets in the World Series, Brian Williams.

Fake news and Brian Williams are forever entwined like conjoined twins.

All of his made up stories, he can't escape them.

NBC News thought they could escape Brian Williams.

They thought demoting him to MSNBC would result in his quitting.

See, if they fired him, they had to buy out his contract.

So they took the anchor of NBC NIGHTLY NEWS and sent him to the minors, MSNBC, hoping he'd be humiliated enough to say, "I quit."  If he walked, they didn't have to pay off his contract.

What they didn't grasp was that Brian Williams, like the sub in a BDSM relationship, gets off on shame.

So he now hosts on MSNBC and interacts with all sorts of scum.

Did someone say John Dean?

As leftists, we regularly decry the use of convicted felon G. Gordon Liddy as a 'reliable' voice by elements of the right-wing media.  We feel the same about the indicted Oliver North being used as a 'trusted' commentator.

So why the hell would we tolerate convicted felon John Dean?

Dean is a criminal.

He's also a snitch.

He turned on his Republican bosses in the Watergate scandal to save his own ass.

That doesn't lessen his crimes -- which were crimes against the country, let's be very clear on that.

But there Brian Williams was chatting up John Dean like he was a sage.

Dean didn't feel like it rose to Watergate.

He was brought on for that 'wisdom'?

He offered nothing of value but trash rarely offers value, it just stinks up the room until you carry it to the curb.

Andrea wasn't being carried anywhere -- she was rushing to prepare her report for NBC NIGHTLY NEWS WITH LESTER HOLT (though still smarting over the loss, Brian could only call it "NBC NIGHTLY NEWS").

Which left us seriously confused.

We'd watched her wax on for a good four minutes about how wonderful Hillary was, how great she was before the Committee, how she triumphed, etc, etc.

All of those were opinions.

Expressed over the airwaves.

So how could she now offer an objective report on NBC NIGHTLY NEWS?

And how could anyone believe a word she said?

She was far from only in serving up disbelief on toast.

"Older women are not going to like this."

That statement came from the notorious sexist Chris Matthews.

He's restyled himself as . . . heaven knows what.

But beamed in live from San Francisco, he had this weird scoop to the top of his hair that puzzled us until Senator Claire McCaskill showed up and we realized that's where we'd seen that hairstyle before.

In the meantime, we were treated to Chris raving over Hillary and choosing to speak for women.

He last most notoriously spoke for women while praising Bully Boy Bush's 2003 MISSION ACCOMPLISHED photo op.  He and G. Gordon Liddy were marveling over the protrusion parachute straps created around Bully Boy Bush's crotch.  "Size matters," tiny Chris lustily insisted.

Thursday, he was even more ridiculous with that side sweep of long bangs bobbing and weaving, distracting from whatever prattle he was espousing.

Matthews was part of a never ending panoply of head shots, all insisting Hillary had triumphed.

But she didn't.

And that's why MSNBC is a cesspool.

They offered one voice after another saying the exact same thing.

They could brook no thought or opinion that strayed from the hymnal.

For a brief moment, as the coverage was winding, down, Tom Brokaw appeared.

He expressed the belief that nothing changed with the appearance.

He offered that Hillary had pleased her supporters but done nothing to pull over her detractors.

It was a fair and objective view.

And it's what the entire coverage should have been.

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