Monday, October 26, 2015

Macho Hillary

Macho, macho ma'am.
She wants to be a macho ma'am.
Macho, macho ma'am.
She's going to be a macho ma'am.

In 2008, when Hillary Clinton first ran for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, she stressed being a woman far less.  These days, she's all but saying, "Vote for me, I'll give you two reasons!"

But the increased talk of womanhood comes as she breaks further and further from what a feminist candidate would ideally look like.

She's the most macho in the room.

Worse, she's not going to let you forget it.

As a site that has long called out pigheaded males, we're not seeing Hillary's aping that role as 'progress.'

In her earlier run, she was more likely to talk about "we" whereas today it's "I" and "me."

This thought pattern is most obvious in her desire to party -- you read that right -- to party following her Benghazi testimony last week.


[Illustration is Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Cranky Clinton: Benghazi Limbo Party."]

To Congress, she insisted no one had thought about the four American deaths -- Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Chris Stevens -- than had she, no one was more tormented.

Yet that same night, she throws a party to celebrate her 'victory.'

The four deaths no longer matter, just the "I" triumph.

There's far too much "I" and "me" in her non-inclusive statements.

She's a braggart and a boaster.

And while modesty isn't a feminist requirement, queen bee-ism is anti-feminist.

Equally true, Hillary's not imploding any gender-stereotypes.

She is taking the worst from male politicians but drag queens present exagerations of women and no one confuses those club acts with feminism.

None of which is to say Hillary is not a feminist.

She's a form of feminist -- a weak form.

While her becoming president might be something good for women (or not), it will not be anything good for feminism.

She's refused to run as a feminist.

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