Sunday, July 05, 2015

The Daily Beast doesn't do corrections

When is a correction required?

If you publish an article but mispell the name of the person you're writing about, that requires a correction.

To be clear, if you correct the spelling, that's not enough.

If you've published an article with the incorrect spelling, you need to (a) correct the spelling and (b) attach a note to the article explaining the correction has been made.

That's pretty simple, isn't it?

Not at The Daily Beast.

In a snide and bitchy article, Asawin Suebsaeng attempted to ridicule Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins.


In such a rush to mock, Asawin didn't even bother to check the spelling on Stephan's first name which is how it came to be rendered "Stephen."

One hour after the article and the spelling were called out at The Common Ills, the spelling was fixed.


But search in vain for any note that a correction took place.

A publication that can't correctly spell the name of the focus of their article is questionable.

One that later corrects the spelling but refuses to include a note explaining the spelling has been corrected?

Not much of a journalistic outlet at all.

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