Sunday, July 05, 2015

From The TESR Test Kitchen

Tombstone used to be the pizza to buy if you were going frozen.

Used to be.

It's now the hallmark of soggy crusts and under or overcooked pizzas.


Their latest effort is the Bratwurst pizza.

It captures everything that has ruined the brand in one single pizza.

Is bratwurst even a topping the country wants?

Probably not.

It's also not particularly complimentary with/to tomato sauce.

The pizza features a too thick crust that never properly cooks throughout.

On top of that is about an inch of sauce and cheese that also lacks for its ability to cook properly.

Either it's soggy or you burn the cheese -- and the cheese is burned and dry over the . . . still soggy tomato sauce.

Here at The Third Estate Sunday Review, we have a Test Kitchen so we're wondering why Nestle apparently does not?

If they did, they would have avoided releasing this pizza.

Not only does it make for a lousy eat, it also confirms and popularizes all the worst stereotypes of Tombstone pizza.

Hint to Tombstone, it's really time to start considering a thinner crust.

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