Monday, May 25, 2015

TV: Oh, no, they didn't

What were they thinking?

That's the question to ask regarding the networks and Thursday nights.

After years and years of writing one article after another noting that broadcast TV used to provide summer TV -- new programming -- they've finally all moved towards it again.

And that's good.

Until you look what they've done.

Currently, Rookie Blue, Mistresses, Beauty and the Beast, Under The Dome, Wayward Pines and The Astronaut Wives Club are all scheduled to offer new episodes this summer (Wayward Pines is already airing).  But can someone explain why ABC, CBS, The CW and Fox have all scheduled these programs on the same night?

Thursday nights.

There are other shows which will be airing new episodes -- Halle Berry's Extant, for example and CBS will be offering Zoo as well.

But with a whole week to fill in, why are the networks glomming on Thursdays?

It's a stand off that only one can win.

Beauty  and the Beast, for example, could be a hit on a night where it didn't have to compete with new episodes from three other networks.  Under The Dome has been a hit on another night.  Why mess with that?

We can excuse ABC for wanting to put its two summer hits on the same night and add a new show with it.  We think it's a mistake and that the audience for the three shows are way too dissimilar, but we can excuse it.

Were we in charge of the networks, we'd seriously reconsider the scheduling.

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