Monday, May 25, 2015

Ezzie Klein, still wrong after all these years

America's self-styled Power Puff Girl Ezra Klein likes doing damage and will surface with the occassional mea culpa.

For example, the Iraq War cheerleader -- who bullied others who were against the war -- issued his mea culpa in 2013.

Ezra insisted he made the mistake because, "I was a college student, young and dumb."

That's an excuse?

It sounds like a pompous asshole insulting others.

And, to be very clear, many college students -- and high schoolers -- were against the Iraq War even before it started.  They (which includes Third's Jim, Dona, Ty, Jess and Ava) marched and rallied before the illegal war started and continued to do so after.  College students also attended speak-ins and talks by speakers (such as C.I.) who explained how the impending war was illegal.

And then there's people like Stephen Funk.

April 1, 2003, Funk held a press conference announcing he would not deploy to the Iraq War.  Stephen Funk was 20 years old.

Ezzie Klein now wants you to know that ObamaCare is a success.

This is based on?

Some cherry picked polls.

This isn't based upon speaking to medical non-profits, which for the record we have done.

But, based on polling, Ezzie insists ObamaCare is good.

Yeah, he's still a stupid jerk.

If you doubt it, if you think he's actually learned something, note this.


That unibrow needs plucking but it's a gift to the United States.  It's part of the reason Ezzie was judged "too ugly" for TV by MSNBC when they were considering making him a host of a TV program (they went instead with Chris Hayes).

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