Sunday, March 01, 2015

The IRS Scandal -- a Tale of Democratic Lying and Whoring (Ava and C.I.)

Last week saw a grown woman whine about having to be at work at seven o'clock.

"Road Runner," as a member of the press dubbed her because she looked as though the road had run over her, was whining from a spot privelage few Americans she represents have.

Few are as lucky US House Rep. Carolyn Maloney to be so unused to working evening hours that they can BMW (bitch moan and whine) so connvincingly about it.

But there she was, making it clear at Thursday night's hearing that, for her, members of Congress are supposed to keep bankers hours.

Making Maloney look even more spoiled and stupid?

The hearing was a House Oversight Committee hearing.

Does oversight only take place from nine to five?

Maloney looked like a real ass.  She was only one of many braying asses reminded the country that the symbol of the Democratic Party is a donkey.

The IRS was wrongly targeting certain political groups.

This is illegal.

It is also outrageous.

And this hearing was about getting an update.

Instead of an update, the hearing was about braying asses.

The mincing Gerry Connolly made clear that he was perfectly happy to be a fussy and shrill voice slamming Inspector Generals, trashing their character and yacking on endlessly in some 1950s homage to sitcom mother-in-laws.

If anything conclusive came of Gerry's actions it was that no one would ever mistake the Congress member for "manly."

Stacey Plaskett, by contrast, kept portraying herself as a prosecutor.

Possibly because she was one so briefly, she doesn't understand the first thing about prosecution.

As a prosecutor, she insisted, she was worried that the government witnesses were giving testimony that might change as new results came in.

Reality even for a dumb ass like Stacey (who should get honest about what she really did in the Virgin Islands for corporations while posing as a 'community organizer'), a real prosecutor?

Their first and primary concern would be over a witness who fell back on the Fifth Amendment to avoid testifying.

That's what IRS official Lois Lerner did.

And a prosecutor would go to town on any witness that took the Fifth to avoid incriminating themselves.

Though defense attorneys will always argue that taking the Fifth is not an admission of guilt, prosecutors will always insist it is.

Stacey brayed and brayed, just like every other whore on the Democratic side of the Committee.

At some point, they're going to have to decide whether they consider it their job to represent the Justice Department and or the IRS or they consider it their job to represent the American people?

Thursday, they showed no concern at all for the rights of the American people.

In the future, here's your first clue that an investigation of a government agency just became necessary:  An official called to testify to Congress refuses to do so.

That's all you need to launch the investigation.

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