Sunday, March 01, 2015

Editorial: Iraq, apparently, Can Wait (Yet Again)

Saturday, the Associated Press reported, "A series of car bombs today ripped through a crowded marketplace and a Shiite militia's checkpoint, killing 19 people in separate attacks north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad."

And those are the ground bombings.

From the air, the US leads a campaign of bombings.

Civilians die from these bombings that are only supposed to target the Islamic State.

But not a peep from the cowardly World Can't Wait.

If you missed the useless and now hateful organization's recent slam at dead Iraq War veteran Chris Kyle, you missed a whole lot.

The film American Sniper portrays Navy Seal Chris Kyle as a hero for killing a huge number of people, one by one, in Iraq. Right now, as the U.S. government is bombing Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and again — Iraq, and preparing to send additional troops to Iraq, this film is distorting many peoples' memory of recent history and damaging their understanding of basic morality.

Wait, Debra Sweet and Stupid, the US government?

Do you mean Barack Obama?

If she does, you'd never know it from her useless b.s.

She writes:

The people of Iraq who suffered so terribly from the years of bombings, military repression and corrupt sectarian governments propped up by US occupying forces are not our enemy, and certainly not “savages” who all deserved to die, as Chris Kyle called them.

Chris Kyle called Iraqis he was fighting against "savages."

Barack Obama's done something similar though Debra Sweet's too much of a coward to note that.

Debbie Sweet sweats out this, "This is the opposite of a sheep dog guarding people — rather a bloody-jawed wolf enthusiastic to do the bidding of his white supremacist masters."

There we go.

Karl Marx was White.

Karl Marx saw oppression for what it was.

But for the 'radicals' of World Can't Wait, a war isn't about oil or about resources or anything but race.

And since they don't see Barack as White -- not even half White -- World Can't Wait, useless Communists that they are -- can't call out Barack.

Chris Kyle's dead.

He's been dead for some time.

He's not going to back to Iraq.

He's not sending troops into Iraq.

Barack is very much alive.

And it's rather pathetic to read one press release after another from the ridiculous World Can't Wait that attacks this individual or that individual but never bothers to hold Barack Obama responsible for his War Crimes.

2014 ended with the embarrassing Communists of World Can't Wait protesting a film.

They've yet to pour that same energy into protesting the ongoing Iraq War.

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