Sunday, February 01, 2015

Truest statement of the week II

I can hardly believe my eyes. [Medea] Benjamin excoriates Kissinger and then allies herself with McCain? what is going on here?
There is no statute on limitations regarding crimes of the past such in in the Chilean coup, BUT right now we are talking about Ukraine. There is a split in the elites regarding US underwriting of regime change in Ukraine---our most recent coup. Kissinger happens to be right on this one---and George Soros, wrong. So, what game is Benjamin playing here? I am quite sure that Code Pink is a client organization of Soros's. CP and Benjamin have done a lot of good things and fought a lot of good fights. But Benjamin is in over her head here. It looks as though she is being manipulated into attacking Kissinger at this moment in time because her sponsor Soros is out of sorts with Kissinger over Ukraine. Benjamin risks losing her credibility if she gets herself mixed up in this fight between two top American foreign policy Vulcans. Because she has probably swallowed the same Ukraine Kool-Aid as the MSM, the Congress, etc. For once, we need Kissinger to prevail in his attempt to tamp down enthusiasm for the putsch in Ukraine as a tool for baiting the Russian bear. 

-- Litchfield commenting on Medea Benjamin's latest nonsense at Information Clearing House.

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