Sunday, February 01, 2015

Jim's World


So I'm checking the inbox and World Can't Wait has now slid over into full on CodeStink cray-cray.

February 4th, retired CIA officer Ray McGovern will be in court for his latest stunt and World Can't Wait wants you to be there.

Not to call out Ray, but to support him.

Such passes for 'activism' these days.

Now let me see if I have this straight: Ray McGovern is a hero but Chris Kyle (portrayed by Bradley Cooper in American Sniper) is someone we should sneer at and attack.

Does Debra Sweet not know Ray's history?

I don't just mean that Ray was CIA from 1963 to 1990.

I mean his position then -- and now -- regarding counterinsurgency in Vietnam.

I mean his work to attack Latin America throughout the 80s.

I mean all the things Ray hides under a rug and that whores and liars let him get away with.

There is nothing heroic about Ray McGovern.

Up until he retired, he repeatedly advocated for the death and destruction of peoples and cultures.

He's never gotten honest about that.

And idiots like Debra Sweet and Cindy Sheehan want to pretend like Ray's job in the CIA was sharpening pencils.

It's amazing Ray-Ray's never been asked about Iran-Contra.

Amazing until you grasp that there's a whole lot of whoring going on within the left these days.

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