Sunday, January 04, 2015

It Takes A War Hawk

How do you sell war?

You grab an unfortunate incident or tragedy and repackage it into a cry for war.

Vian Dakhil's been all over the US and England and elsewhere and she even got taken under War Hawk Samantha Power's saggy hot wing.

If Vian Dakhil was attempting to help the Yazidis, she'd have her ass in Iraq because Parliament was in session.

As War Hawk Power gushed, she's the "only Yezidi in Iraq's Parliament."  So her ass should been there defending the Yezidis.

Instead, she was spearheading the neoconservative funded effort to expand and continue the Iraq War.  They're paying for her trips, they've hired a public relations firm.

From that moment forward, all claims about the Yezidis were no longer to be met with skepticism (as all claims should be) but to be dismissed.

That's not fair to the Yazidis.

We're sorry about that.

Maybe they can take it with the 'friend' who sold them out?

Here she is again, sitting with Samantha Power.

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